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BEST GAY BAR Phoenix 2006 - Karamba Nightclub

The best gay nightclubs are the ones that welcome all shades of the rainbow, from post-op trannies to Latin lovers to straight women just looking for a place to party without having to fight off a dozen touchy-feely slimeballs. No matter what your preference, you can find it here. Karamba is friendly, inviting and pretty clean for a place that's packed on weekends. There are three large rooms inside, each with its own bar, and an outdoor patio for smokers or hombres wanting a private chat. Most nights, DJs spin cumbia, norte?o and other Spanish styles. The sexy Susana, in her cowboy hat and tight jeans, hosts Vaquero Thursdays for all those cowpokes who'd rather saddle up with a partner than spend the night alone. While we'll miss "Hot Pink!" Fridays, we certainly aren't complaining about the replacement ? hunky go-go dancers with rippling pecs and rock-hard, er, abs. Ay, Karamba!
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karambas was great. i've never danced so hard in my life. my legs were hurting so bad, but it was the best night i had in a dance club. i can't wait to go back. and they make a mean coke and rum.