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BEST GO-KARTS Phoenix 2006 - Speedway Raceway - CLOSED

Speedway Raceway

Speedway Raceway

2425 S. 21st St.

Phoenix, AZ 85034


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Okay, so it's all just a fantasy. But we've seen this particular fantasy ? the one about becoming a world-class NASCAR competitor taking the checkered flag at some super-cool international drag race ? overtake even our stuffiest friends. There's something about the thrill of zipping around Speedway Raceway's curvy quarter-mile indoor track in a 270cc Honda-powered Indy-style go-kart that morphs us into a hairpin-turn-hugging speed demon doing 1.5 lateral G's on a quarter-mile track. Speedway is open 365 days a year so that the kid in all of us (although real kids ages 8 to 14 drive Speedway Junior Karts) can catch a thrill-a-minute raceway high any day we want one. And we're off!
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