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BEST HAPPY HOUR Phoenix 2006 - Caffe Boa

Caffe Boa

Caffe Boa

398 S. Mill Ave.

Tempe, AZ 85281


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We love the concept behind happy hour ? cheap drinks and eats and a way to avoid traffic for a while after work. But the reality of happy hour usually sucks: We can only consume so many Buffalo wings and Bud Lights. Which is why Caffe Boa is our favorite place to blow off steam, and enjoy libations after a long workweek. Glasses of wine from the cafe's impressive list are half-price (try the Sauvignon Blanc Dry Lands from New Zealand). Bread and oil is served free, and, combined with a few glasses of wine, we usually call it dinner. If you're classier than we are and like actual appetizers with your drinks, check out the formaggi piatti ? a fancy way of saying "cheese plate" ? or the bruschetta. The atmosphere is better than most happy hours ? no unruly drunks in sight ? but you can still escape, nice and toasted, for less than $20.
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