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BEST HEAD SHOP Phoenix 2006 - It's All Goodz

It\'s All Goodz

It's All Goodz

12308 N. 32nd St.

Phoenix, AZ 85032


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That little clay or clear glass "tobacco pipe" might hit in a pinch, but pull it out at a party, and people will look at you cross-eyed for all the wrong reasons. If you really want to impress your fellow smokers, hook yourself up with a custom pipe from It's All Goodz. The shop presses and blows its own glass pipes in a room right there in the store, and patrons can watch the pipesmiths in action through huge windows. The shop's craftsmen can make anything you want ? whether it's a pink pipe with a bowl shaped like a vagina, or a huge steamroller pipe made out of chameleon glass that changes colors as you smoke it. And if you can't decide whether you want a green and gold paisley pipe with ornate spiders and cobwebs down the sides or a pipe shaped like one of those Grateful Dead dancing bears, you can always pick one of the ready-made originals off the shelves. In addition to its own creations, the shop carries a huge selection of the highest quality tobacco pipes, water pipes, and hookahs, in addition to other accouterments like ashtrays, pipe bags, and lighters. Very impressive!
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This smokeshop rocks,I think its definatly the best,there selection is amazing,the highest quality avalable in the valley.The first shop to do custom glass for all to see in PHX.I got a custom piece and it came out much nicer than I ever expected!!There prices are very resonable!A must see,when shopping for the best.

davey dave
davey dave

new to phoenix . . . . where oh where can i buy salvia d. in phoenix?