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BEST KNITTING KNOW-HOW STORE Phoenix 2006 - Arizona Knitting and Needlepoint - CLOSED

Arizona Knitting and Needlepoint

Arizona Knitting and Needlepoint

3617 N. Goldwater Blvd.

Scottsdale, AZ 85259


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Packed to overflowing with cool yarns and fibercraft implements, this Old Town Scottsdale staple is to local knitting stores what Durant's is to Phoenix restaurants. In terms of yarn selection, you won't find a more extensive array of commercial and hand-spun fibers. And while that's a definite plus, the thing that keeps yarn fanatics going back to AZ Knitting is the wealth of knowledge that dwells within this stitchin' grotto. You'd be hard-pressed to stump owner Rebecca with a project question, and if she's occupied (she has a legion of fans ? in fact, she refuses to give out her last name, because she'll get calls at home from eager knitters), her staff is among the friendliest and most helpful of any Phoenix business, graciously imparting "purls" of wisdom upon the masses.
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I'd like to know what day you went to the AZ knitting and Needlepoint shop that you were treated with friendly and helpful staff.

I have been in there a few times over the years looking for items that I could not find elsewhere. Every time I was dusted off by the owner like she couldn't be bothered to help me. She also has a very know it all attitude and is offended if you don't take her advice as holy.

I couldn't disagree more with your review about this place and I'm willing to bet I've been there more times than you have, but only out of sheer desperation.