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BEST NEIGHBORHOOD BAR, NORTH PHOENIX Phoenix 2006 - The Dubliner Irish Pub and Restaurant

The Dubliner Irish Pub and Restaurant

The Dubliner Irish Pub and Restaurant

3841 E. Thunderbird Road

Phoenix, AZ 85032


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Here's an Irish-themed pub that's got everything non-leprechauns need to unwind after a long day at the office (or to get fugged up with friends on the weekends). There's a bar, of course, stocked with all sorts of brews and beers, usually served by the pint. There's a jukebox, stocked with country, pop, hip-hop, and rock. There are a couple of pool tables, and a couple of dartboards. The bar hosts karaoke and live music, and one of the most packed St. Patrick's Day parties in the Valley. But best of all, the walls are decorated with neon beer signs; the green felt on the pool table is faded and worn; the floor is almost always sticky; and the booths and tables are often full. The whole place gives off the vibe of a well-loved, über-used drinkin' hole.
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i was there tuesday night. u get to see a great performer, who is quite sexy and a good musician. and the waitress was pretty cool. g00d times with friends after a long day at work. i say i'm going back.