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BEST NEIGHBORHOOD COFFEE HOUSE, SCOTTSDALE Phoenix 2006 - The Village Coffee Roastery

The Village Coffee Roastery

The Village Coffee Roastery

8120 N. Hayden

Scottsdale, AZ 85258


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This joint is fresh. The coffee beans are roasted on-site, producing an intense, rich flavor that makes chain-store lattes look (and taste) like instant. There's a large selection of flavors, including macadamia nut and chocolate raspberry, a popular mocha java and a dark roast that's ideal for espresso. Somehow The Village manages to put as much effort into its sandwich menu as it does its coffee. Our top pick is the to-die-for tuna salad, a creamy blend of albacore with roasted pistachios and mango chutney. Back to the bean. The secret to the velvety texture of the coffee is that it's brewed the Italian way, producing a stronger cup with a smoother flavor. Just ask the baristas and they'll explain the process to you faster than they can whip up a caramel macchiato.
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Elizabeth Allison
Elizabeth Allison

I used to be a fan of the Village back when it was new and they offered an amazing cup of coffee. Sadly the product has gone down hill, the owner Craig Sellman use to have such a passion for his brew, he seems to be worn out and no longer cares about the quaility of his product. Mr.Sellman is more about getting the product out the door at this point.

If you really want a great cup of coffee try Stumptown Coffee, they are incredible! I visited one of thier shops while I was in Portland and I have been hooked ever since, I now order thier coffee online.

Laurie Treacher
Laurie Treacher

I haven't had fabulous coffee like this since I lived in San Francisco and bought beans from Graffeo's in North Beach. This is clearly a place where coffee is king and given all the care and respect it deserves.