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To be honest, we're actually beginning to feel a little sorry for Father Dale. When New Times broke the story of the friar's alleged frivolity with naked young men, we went to great lengths to explain that the best evidence suggested Fushek only seemed to get really frisky once the young postulates were of legal age. Really, with the evidence at hand, Fushek seemed more guilty of grotesquely violating moral laws, but not criminal ones. Basically, he just got quite creepy, and way too naked, in the hot tub with young men to whom he was supposed to be a spiritual adviser, not some squirrelly 1970s love doctor. But now, the honchos over at the County Attorney's Office seem hell-bent on hanging Fushek as high as possible on some misdemeanor indecency charges. Indeed, we've never seen the county prosecutors publicize and pursue misdemeanor charges with such zeal. Let's make this really clear: The evidence uncovered by New Times suggests Fushek violated the immense amount of trust parents gave him to guide their children. And he seems to have deeply scarred several men with his behavior. The story speaks for itself. He simply is not the angel of the new church he was advertised as being. But perhaps it's time to move on. The church has suffered so much and has learned so much; the new bishop looks to be a good man, and the activities once condoned by priests like Dale Fushek are no longer tolerated. There are still wrongs to be righted, no doubt, but perhaps Father Dale, who truly has suffered much from the scandal, should now be allowed to move on. Just please, Bishop Olmsted, don't give the guy another hot tub. Yikes.
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Hans Eu
Hans Eu

To those who deny it exists: "rumour" and "innuendo"

Sylvia’s Site Blogging the Inquiry

Excerpt from Ron Leroux Affidavit, that David Ostler is today still an "ALTER BOY" abuser.

13 November 1996:

"I have witnessed sexual improprieties, molestations, fondling, oral sex, intercourse (anal) between the above-named "clan " members and minors through the period of 1957 or 1958 to 1993. These sexual improprieties with minors (male) occurred at Cameron’s Point, Summerstown, Ontario; Birch Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A.; Saltaire Motel, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A. Lot 17, Concession 1, R.R.#1, Cornwall, Ontario; Malcolm MacDonald summer residence, Stanley Island, Ontario; Malcolm MacDonald’s Law Office, Pitt Street, Cornwall, Ontario and St. Andrews Parish House.

Saltaire Hotel, Fort Lauderdale

"The "Clan"’s regular meeting spots were Ken Seguin’s home in Summerstown; Malcolm MacDonald’s summer residence on Stanley Island and St. Andrews Parish House. I observed "clan" members at these meeting spots all the time, some more frequent than other. Other "clan" meetings were held at Cameron’s Point and Birch Avenue Area, Fort Lauderdale, Florida."

Lois Stada
Lois Stada

There are many of us in the Catholic Church who do not agree with the Church's position on gays. We have friends and family that are gay and we love them.

Father Dale needs to come out of the closet.

The Catholic Church does not need another hypocrite. The gay community, however, could use his leadership and spiritual guidance.


It was with great sadness that myself and my family learned of the accusations against Dale Fushek. Many years ago whenI was newly married, Dale helped myself and my husband out a lot. My husband had an accident involving a little girl who luckily asurvived with no permanent injuries, but Dale took us in his car to the hospital and obtained as much information for us as he could, praying with us and for the baby. IF the accusations are true, perhaps the devil found his way somehow into this charismatic young man who had teenagers starving for every word he had to say. We all loved him very much and feel so sad and somehow betrayed. If it is true, then why not admit the truth and ask forgiveness, showing your human side and using this as a learning experience for all.Why hide and deny, while the innocent victims have to go to bed each night knowing they have been lied to and taken advantage of becasue he was in some position of power. I truly pray for Dale Fushek and the future of his soul.At one time he had so many followers with his awesome gift to be able to transform them into devout Catholics. The Church will be fine without you, Dale, if you are guilty own up to it and help your victims begin to heal. I can't imagine how you can lay your head down on your pillow at night or face our Lord Jesus Christ. I have the Laughing Jesus print that we used to take on retreats, Dale, remember, when all of the teens would literally cry and be so very moved by the whole experience? I mourn that loss. May God have mercy on your soul and grant peace to anyone you may have hurt.


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