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BEST PLACE FOR A SECOND CHANCE Phoenix 2006 - Harlow's Cafe

Harlow\'s Cafe

Harlow's Cafe

1021 W. University Drive

Tempe, AZ 85281


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If you're on the prowl and came up short the night before, Harlow's Cafe will buy you a little extra time to make it happen. Similar to your favorite hookup bar, Harlow's offers the thrill of anonymity. The low ceilings and booth seating create the atmosphere of a road-trip breakfast stop. Chances are, there will be another table of Mill Avenue rejects ? also nursing their hangovers. They may have lost the drink in their hand, but still have a wandering eye ? hoping to salvage at least one hookup for the weekend. Harlow's lends the perfect opportunity for you to give it one last try, "Didn't I see you last night at . . . ?" And the food's not bad, either.
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