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BEST PLACE TO BUY A MOD DIVAN ON THE CHEAP Phoenix 2006 - Antique Plaza Annex

If you want a '60s-vintage lounge chair yesterday, you need to hit one of the mod joints in the Seventh Avenue Melrose District. However, that's a fairly pricey option, as vintage furniture on Seventh tends to be expensive ? at least in comparison to Antique Plaza Annex, a cool little furniture/antique emporium located in Old Town Mesa. If you've got loads of patience, you'll turn up some great finds at this store because of its high turnover of goods; there's a whole new load of old stuff on a weekly basis. Some of our pickups have included a three-piece set of old movie-theater seats, several examples of blond-finished wood furniture from the '50s, and an H.R. Giger-meets-Ward Cleaver Contour Chair Lounge with Viverator (i.e., built-in massager) manufactured by the Lounge Co. of St. Louis, Mo.
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