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BEST PLACE TO BUY NAZI MEMORABILIA Phoenix 2006 - History by George

If Commandant Klink of Hogan's Heroes was alive today and needed some fancy fascist dress epaulets for his National Socialist Party duster, he could find 'em at this little gem of a store in Old Town Mesa, known across the Valley ? and the state ? as the place to find antique and vintage militaria. While Nazi collectibles are not particularly rare, they're increasingly hard to come by (what with eBay's ban on sales of the controversial mementos) and are duly cherished by collectors. History by George caters to hard-core Nazi nuts with a full slate of Third Reich regalia, from daggers to badges to armbands to medals. Shhh ? just don't tell the skinheads.
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Since when is selling WW II memorabilia "catering to Nazi's"? His wife is Japanese. His shop is full of British, American German, Finnish and other war finds as well.