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BEST PLACE TO BUY POINTE SHOES Phoenix 2006 - Barry's Capezio

Don't try this at home, kids. Every little girl wants pointe shoes as soon as she sees her first Nutcracker, but not every little girl will have them ? not if she has a good teacher, that is. Pointe is only for the right feet, the right body and the right student. If you're lucky (and hardworking enough) that your teacher says, "En pointe!" then hope she or he takes you nowhere but Barry's, where ballerinas big and small have been fitted for pointe shoes for decades. Barry's is also the one-stop shop for tights, leotards, lamb's wool ? all the accouterments a ballerina could ask for, except perhaps for the Band-Aids she'll no doubt need, after some time in those pointe shoes.
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marie rendon
marie rendon

ha ha when i saw the "Nutcracker" i wanted to get the pointe shoes.but i dont take ballet, but i want them for decoration