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BEST PLACE TO BUY WESTERN MEMORABILIA Phoenix 2006 - High Noon Western Americana Show & Auction Phoenix Convention Center

Looking for cowboy/cowgirl collectibles? Good luck. They're getting harder and harder to find, even here in the West. But if you've just gotta have a Ranch oak end table, an old Gene Autry metal lunchbox, a mask worn by Clayton "The Lone Ranger" Moore, or an autographed Tex Ritter guitar, High Noon is the best "brick and mortar" place to look (especially for those who demand the absolute authenticity that eBay can't). The Los Angeles-based company takes its memorabilia show on the road every year, and Phoenix is always one of the most successful stops, with more than 300 certified dealers in Western and Native American goods hawking their rare wares. The 17th annual edition will take place in January at the Phoenix Convention Center.
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Thom R Miller
Thom R Miller

I have a Bob Brown work of leather art titled \"Gold Trek Holcomb Valley \"1865\". Would you have any interest in this piece? I have photos that I can e-mail.Thank you, Thom Miller