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BEST PLACE TO GET A GLASS OF MILK Phoenix 2006 - Milk n More Store

Milk n More Store

Milk n More Store

2008 S. Hardy Drive Tempe

Tempe, AZ 85282


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This is as close to the cow's teat as you can get (or want to get, for that matter). The Milk n More Store is on the same property as those giant industrial vats filled with creamy milk that you might have passed on Hardy Drive and Broadway Road in Tempe. The kind United Dairymen of Arizona decided to let the public tap into the freshness by opening a small store. Located on the south side of Broadway and with plenty of parking, it's easy to swing right in. With its low markup, the little retailer is used most by the employees but is also open to anyone else who misses the tastes (and somehow the smell that still lingers) of a real dairy.
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