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BEST PLACE TO GET NAKED Phoenix 2006 - El Dorado Hot Springs

El Dorado Hot Springs

El Dorado Hot Springs

41225 W. Indian School Road

Tonopah, AZ 85354


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According to the Bible, our ancient ancestors Adam and Eve grew ashamed at their nudity in the Garden of Eden after sampling forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge, and thusly, mankind was forever cursed with a sense of body modesty. Well, you can finally feel good about dropping trou outside the confines of your residence (without getting thrown in the cooler) inside the confines of El Dorado Hot Springs. This picturesque mineral-water spa located 45 miles west of the Valley is a clothing-optional compound with a bounty of bathing pools and tubs filled with natural H2O pumped straight from a subterranean spring. Five private areas located inside fenced areas and historic buildings ? including a small post office where old-school civil servants soaked their letter-carrying carcasses back in the day ? allow you to take a dip away from the prying eyes of the public for only $10 an hour per person. If you're feeling a bit more exhibitionistic, there's also a semi-private pool for $7.50 an hour per person. Cell phones and cameras are forbidden, however, so you needn't worry about any saucy pics of your skinny-dipping adventures getting posted on the Internet.
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El Dorado Hot Springs is the perfect place to get naked. Its got a good combination of being private, but outside. My wife doesn't kiss me in public, but willingly went naked in one of the private areas that is open to the desert. Our August stay of just one hour was quickly extended to two hours. We would have stayed longer but time constraints back home in Los Angeles meant we had to leave. We plan on doing an overnight stay in the near future. My wife has already said that, if the weather is warm enough, she plans on being naked the whole time we are there overnight. As proof, she won't bring her bathing suit. We really enjoyed the rustic feel. It was a welcome change to get away from TV and all the other electronic stuff in our lives. My wife and I are already very close and in love, but sitting in the hot spring water and just talking brought us even closer to eachother. The hot, relaxing water felt great. And being that the weather was so hot, there was no need to dry off whenever we got out of the water. We would simply lie out on one of the thickly padded lounge chairs and let the sun and warm air dry us off naturally. We've come to realize just how comfortable being naked really is. We look forward to our overnight stay and we highly recommend El Dorado Hot Springs to anyone who wants to just relax, clothed or not, in hot natural spring water.


It's a great place to have sex! In the private areas it's not so private that there isn't a rush that some one might just look over the fence. And the fences are so old and rickety anyway that it's kinda just enough to give your wife/girlfriend enough coverage to get freaky outside and if anybody where to see you, which wouldn't be to difficult that's their problem... Because it's a private area. Most of the time's we've gone out there we start off in the semi private area, she'll go in first while I get supplies ready in the car towels, cooler, whatever it's really just so she can go in and get naked and be more approachable most of the time by the time I get in there she is chatting away with someone. In this area they have a few different kinds of tubs there are 2 one person tubs and a couple community tubs so most of the time you can decide if you want to be in the tub with whoever else is in there if not get in one of the single person tubs. Anyway after we do the public area for awhile where you can see and be seen we'll go to one of the private tubs do an hr or two in one of them about half way through we'll get out and I'll give her a full body massage on one of the padded chaise lounges the rest you'll have to leave to your imagination...Make sure you are done soaking before you start your massage because it's rude to get oil in the tubs. Another good thing is I've never seen not even 1 kid out there... I don't care how "natural" it is I don't feel comfortable being naked when there are children around!The people that run the place are cool you don't get any type of creepy vibe and, they give you your space but by the same token you always feel secure, if you've never gotten naked outside before this is a great place to start.Only down sides to the place is it's it's kind of a "sausage fest" in other words, like most places you go to get naked there aren't a lot women. If they where smart they'd make it free to women in the public areas and discount the men that bring their women out there. Also it's pretty far out of the city... It's a solid 45 miles west of Phx! And they alway have I-10 tore up but if you can go down the 303 to the 10 it's not bad and make sure you go home the same way! It's never very busy so there isn't alot of eye candy the good thing though is everyone that goes there isn't 100 yrs old like most nudy places. To say the place is rustic is an understatement, it borders on run down and the "town" of Tonopah is basically a truck stop. They have rooms you can rent there the two that are in the public area are cool they are way to expensive for what they are but they are cool because one of them has an arcadia door that backs up to the sunbathing area of the semi private area. The walls are paper thin so if it bothers you to hear or be heard while your having sex you might want to rent one of the rooms that aren't attached. You can literally hear the conversation in the room next door it kinda works for my wife to get pounded in ear shot so it's not necessarily a bad thing.


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