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BEST PLACE TO HEAR LIVE MARIACHI MUSIC Phoenix 2006 - La Casa del Mariachi

La Casa del Mariachi

La Casa del Mariachi

1420 N. 24th St.

Phoenix, AZ 85008


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The worst thing a Mexican restaurant can do is hire a bad mariachi band. Imagine being tied to your table, waiting for the check, while the Mexican Hat Dance plays for the umpteenth time. Shudder. We've been there. Thankfully, you won't have that experience at La Casa del Mariachi. Sure, the interior is pure kitsch, with faux tile roofs, candy-colored walls and burro murals. The music is fabulous, though. On weekends, the Salon Guadalajara banquet facility adjoining the main restaurant transforms into a dance hall. Latin beauties in red skirts twirl around the floor as the band's crooner, in sparkling charro suit and sombrero, sings of love and loss. Even if you're a hardened mariachi-hater, you can't help but tap your toes after a few minutes of the lively beat.
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Pam Cullen
Pam Cullen

Please submit a quote for a retirement party. The party is scheduled for July 21st @ El Torito Restaurant @ MEtro Center in Phoenix. I'd like to have the band play for two hours from 5-7pm. Thank you.