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BEST PLACE TO TAKE A NEW YORKER Phoenix 2006 - Pizzeria Bianco

Pizzeria Bianco

Pizzeria Bianco

623 E. Adams St.

Phoenix, AZ 85004


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When your Big Apple buddies finally venture away from the Center of the Universe for an overdue visit to the boondocks of Phoenix, they're bound to experience culture shock. For one thing, they'll be expecting tumbleweeds, not a sprawling city. They might scorn the necessity of cars, but they'll quickly adjust to sunny days and towering palm trees set against a big blue sky. And when it comes to food, they won't be expecting much. After all, they're used to the world-class glamour of Manhattan's culinary scene, where top chefs duke it out for prestigious honors like the James Beard Award. So when you have to break the news that, yes, this bustling downtown restaurant leaves New York pizzerias in the dust (chef-owner Chris Bianco has the Beard Award and countless other accolades to prove it), here's some advice: Go easy on them. Put your name on the waiting list at Pizzeria Bianco, wander next door to cozy, candlelit Bar Bianco, and console your friends with a cheese plate. Seduce them with a bottle of Sangiovese. And maybe concede that Bianco was born and raised in the Bronx. When your table's finally ready, your job is done, because the quality of the food speaks for itself. And what's the most tactful way to handle that last, fleeting bit of New York attitude? Order up the pizza covered in onions, fennel sausage, and homemade smoked mozzarella. It's called the Wiseguy, and its name couldn't be more appropriate.
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GH Klingman
GH Klingman

This place was unbelievably rude to us this evening. We put our name down (party of 6) at 6:00 PM- and headed next door to the "bar bianco" to drink wine while we wait for a table. granted, we knew the reputation of having to wait for two hours for a table and still braved it (it was my birthday after all, and it's where i wanted to go, never been before). at 7:00 pm i checked in and reported that we actually had one less member of our party, and we were all accounted for, so we were ready at the bar bianco at a moment's notice. they were still friendly , albeit seemed oddly annoyed that our party had shrunk by one...should have made it easier on them! at 8:20 PM, my friend went over again to check on the status of our table, upon which the hostess told my friend it would be another hour (making it a 3 and a half hour wait), upon which my friend asked her to check again if she had the wrong name- we had already been there for nearly 2 and a half hours- and the hostess barked back arguing that we had only been waiting for a half an hour and that she had the right name!!! my friend apologized to her, saying that she was mistaken- that we had been there since 6, and now 8:30 we would have to go elsewhere as we were super hungry. she didn't seem to give any care in the world, nor did the manager who was standing in on the whole conversation. this hipster exclusive elitist bullshit makes me sick and makes me not want to go back here. EVER.