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BEST PLACE TO TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF Phoenix 2006 - Monkey Pants Bar & Grill

Monkey Pants Bar & Grill

Monkey Pants Bar & Grill

3223 S. Mill Ave.

Tempe, AZ 85282


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After attending a few of Monkey Pants' "One O'Clock Shirtless Shot" promotions, we wholeheartedly endorse going topless at this wacky watering hole in Tempe. A single one-cent shot of any liquor in stock ? including such premium spirits as Patr?n and Hennessey ? is doled out to anyone engaging in the half-naked high jinks (ladies are required to wear bras). It's quite often a post-midnight madhouse, as the nightly event is jam-packed with ASU frat boys, urban cowboys, and dreadlocked hippies, all of whom wanna get bare-chested for booze. We recommend doing some crunches beforehand.
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