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BEST PLACE TO UNDO YOUR WORKOUT Phoenix 2006 - Native New Yorker

Native New Yorker

Native New Yorker

5030 E. Ray Road

Ahwatukee, AZ 85044


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Work hard, play hard ? right? At this Native New Yorker, no one will think twice about your tennis shoes and sweaty clothes in the lounge. It is the perfect spot to replenish all the carbs and calories you just burned with its extensive menu that includes wings, pizza, burgers, hot dogs, nachos and just about anything fried. Quench your hard-earned thirst with a few beers, and top off the meal with something from the dessert menu ? almost half of the items have "jumbo" in the title. If you really want to be naughty, you can smoke a cigarette ? inside! Go ahead and indulge. You've earned it.
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Steve H
Steve H

Good service, friendly people, good food

What more can you ask for?