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BEST SLICE OF PIZZA Phoenix 2006 - Gus's New York Pizza Inc.

Gus\'s New York Pizza Inc.

Gus's New York Pizza Inc.

933 E. University Drive

Tempe, AZ 85281


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Considering the mind-boggling assortment of exotic toppings out there, you could, in theory, eat pizza every day of the week. But even mediocre pizza can pass for something decent when it's heaped with sausage or pepperoni or some other overpowering taste. The true test of good pizza is embodied in the humble, unadorned slice, a beguiling blend of crust, sauce and cheese. (Seems simple, but looks can be deceiving, as many unfortunate eaters have discovered.) Meanwhile, the plain slice at Gus's is deliciously addictive ? a thin, chewy crust with a touch of crispness on the bottom, covered in a light layer of almost-sweet tomato sauce and a blanket of melted mozzarella. It's as good as what you'd get in the Big Apple, and it's love at first bite.
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mike ramirez
mike ramirez

had there pizza a couple times , wasnt bad ,but joes is better which is next door.


Hated it...I ordered a whole pizza instead of just a slice. For starters the pizza was cold and the crust has no flavor. Secondly they lied about my total and delivery charge. They are not skimpy on the cheese which was good. But when the pizza is horrible what does it matter. I will never order from here again.