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BEST STEP BACK INTO THE PAST Phoenix 2006 - Avanti, A Restaurant of Distinction

Avanti, A Restaurant of Distinction

Avanti, A Restaurant of Distinction

2728 E. Thomas Road

Phoenix, AZ 85016


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For 32 years, this shiny black-and-white supper club has been stuck in the '70s ? but in a good way. We go there for the delicious rolled roasts, the risotto, and the tiramisu, but also because we love the "gone-back-in-time" feeling we get whenever we step into this mainstay's faux-fancy foyer. Owners Benito Mellino and Angiolo Livi have occasionally updated Avanti's interior, but to our eye, it's always 1975 here. We dig the black-and-white-tiled lounge with its back-lighted glass brick bar, where singer Danny Long tinkles the ivories to the tune of all your favorite Nixon-era hits. And we love the main dining room, decked out as it is with zebra-striped banquettes, linen tablecloths, and a shiny chrome ceiling. A couple of martinis and a little squinting, and we're convinced it's 30 years ago. Time travel never tasted so good.
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Karen Ferrandi
Karen Ferrandi

We loved reading your aricle..its absolutely SPOT ON however you neglected the FACT that that great 70s decor was created in the 70s by the ORIGINAL owners, Franco Ferrandi and his wife Karen, and Ramon Vives and his partner Elisa Green. We also created the menu, which pretty much remains today and though we exited in the 90s, leaving the ownership to our partners Livi and Mellino--lets give CREDIT where its due. You dont take a Michaelangelo and sign it Michael Jackson. So may articles are written about this original and unique INSTITUTION--it would be nice to see our hard work for 20 years and OUR conception recognized. Thank you! Ferrandis and Vives