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BEST SUBSTITUTE FOR HOWARD STERN Phoenix 2006 - Johnjay and Rich, KISS-FM 104.7

We don't blame anyone for automatically dismissing a guy named "Johnjay" as one of those annoying radio personae not worth a listen. But this show, which hit the airwaves of 104.7 FM earlier this year after major success in Tucson, is far more amusing than its hosts' names let on. Like Howard Stern, but unlike most of his successors, these two know how to pace their shows. They don't rush through bits or force a laugh. And unlike other would-be shock jocks in the Valley, they're better at talking about Hollywood gossip than sports ? making KISS-FM the perfect destination for Stern fans who couldn't care less about the Suns, but really need to know everything about Lindsay Lohan.
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The trio kick butt!! Love these guys and gal! Johnjay really has the 'hook-ups' with local celebrites and nationally! (Enrique IGLESIAS, former Dback Luis Gonzalez, Az Cardinal Matt Lienart, Suns Raja Bell, Criss Agnel, Akon, Hillary Duff, hometown girl Jordin Sparks, Paris Hilton, Timbaland ,Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls, Alley and AJ, the CHEETAH GIRLS, the Jonas Brothers (Rich 'ROCKED' with them on stage)....etc.

104.7 KISS FM if you don't know. They make the mornings Monday thru Friday hilarious, unique and FUN! Tuesday and Thursday's are pretty awesome with LIVE realtionship dramas!

Tune in!!