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BEST THEME PARTIES Phoenix 2006 - MADE art boutique

MADE art boutique

MADE art boutique

922 N. Fifth St.

Phoenix, AZ 85004


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It doesn't matter if we're picking up a gift for a friend, or just a pick-me-up for ourselves ? we'll take any excuse to pore over the shelves of goodies at MADE. Ever since this minuscule shopping space expanded a few months ago, there's been even more to tempt us: pretty jewelry, yummy-smelling soaps, exquisite woodwork, and cute ceramics ? all made by local artists, hence the store's name ? plus a cheeky variety of books and greeting cards. But what really make this shop a perfect fit on Roosevelt Row are its art exhibitions, featuring functional pieces by local artists focusing on different themes, such as handmade clocks, birdhouses, or planters. It's an incredibly affordable way to support local talent. There is one catch, though: Savvy shoppers and art collectors inevitably snatch these right up at the show's opening reception. So if the idea of buying an artist-made objet sounds irresistible, sign up for the store's newsletter to stay in the loop on upcoming shows and events. You wouldn't want to miss a good theme party, now, would you?
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