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BEST TORTILLAS Phoenix 2006 - Carolina's



1202 E. Mohave St.

Phoenix, AZ 85034


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We tried ? no, make that really tried, just ask our editor ? to see if anyone in town could beat out Carolina's, the perennial winner of Best Tortillas. Surely, we thought, this sprawling metropolis has got to have a feisty new contender in this category. And indeed, there are some great homemade tortillas to be had around town. But nowhere else do they transform such seemingly simple food into something as sublime as what Carolina's cranks out by the hundreds. Stretched until they're huge and papery thin, these tortillas are served up hot and chewy, fresh off the griddle. Try them with a plate of creamy green chile or juicy machaca, and then grab a bag of warm ones to take home. Actually, better make that two bags. You'll be tearing into these babies before you leave the parking lot.
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Best tortillas? Best food, I would say. I remember the days when I didn't care what part of the valley or city I was in, that was the only place I'd go to eat. However, thier customer service has made me not return. AT ALL. Lets face it, workig in customer service is a hard job and the first few times it happens you get service thats not so great, its forgivable. But if you see a pattern of bad attitude by all employees on different occasions, tends to leave a bad taste in your mouth. Perhaps if I'm in the neighborhood of the newer location it would be worth it to mosey on in, until then I would hope that they would invest in customer service training.