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BEST TV REPORTER Phoenix 2006 - Mike Watkiss

Some years ago, the great science-fiction writer Ray Bradbury was asked by an audience member after a speech at Arizona State University, "What's the first thing that you'd tell one of your space aliens after they landed on Earth?" Bradbury didn't miss a beat. "Don't watch local TV news," he replied, to a rousing ovation. That said, we are pleased to report that Mike Watkiss passes our overly honed smell test as the real deal, a truly dogged reporter who loves to be first ? and right. His work on the polygamy scandal topped all other non-print types by a mile, and that's just one example of many. Maybe it's all those years doing the tabloid stuff on A Current Affair and Hard Copy. Or maybe it's the impressive education ? undergrad work at Stanford, and a master's degree in journalism from Columbia. Whatever the reason, we're happy to have this guy in town.
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Heather  Sellett
Heather Sellett

I am very impressed by Mike Watkiss's outspoken attitude about the FLDS. I have read 4 books on polygamy and the FLDS, and am disgusted by their sick and abusive lifestyle when it comes to the children. I am outraged that this could go on anywhere, let alone America. It's about time they are being exposed for what they are. It's nothing but an illegal underground cesspool. Keep up the great work, Mike!

Diane Venora
Diane Venora

I am grateful for Mike Watkiss's award-winning documentary"The Underground railroad" exposing the people behind a fundamentalist Mormon Cult run by Warren Jeffs. Warren Jeffs, a self-proclaimed prophet and president of this cult is currently on trial in Utah on child sex abuse charges etc.Mr Watkiss's documentary was an undeniable source for me in playing a character based on the child rescue worker against polygamy, Ms Flora Jessop. His time and passionate reporting on this subject over a long period of time, has helped Jessop's crusade in exposing this cult's use of Mormon sanctioned "plural marriage" as a guise to justify tax evasion, welfare fraud, infant deaths ( largest in America) a weak legislature, boys being "lost" and thrown out by the community in order to keep woman in bondage, torture, sexual and physical, Thanks to Mike Watkiss this corruption has been exposed. Keep up the fight, Mike, till this satanic ritual abuse is seen for what it is, criminal not religion.PS: Where the heck is the "Woman's movement" investigation of crimes against their own? Hmmmm...Diane Venora


It's nice to see that Mike Watkiss is finally doing some good with his 'talent'. My first exposure to him was the hit piece he did (back in '88 or '89) on a Salt Lake City fire alarm company. I still wonder how many more deaths and injuries from home fires could have been prevented had he really done his homework about the subject of residential fires and fire safety, rather than spinning the story into one of "Corp. Greed vs. Civil Servant".


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