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BEST WAY TO PRETEND IT'S RECESS Phoenix 2006 - World Adult Kickball Association — AZ Fire division

Everyone knows the best times of day in elementary school were recess and nap time. As we slough through our 9-to-5(ish) grown-up gigs, we've often bemoaned the fact that neither is available in the corporate world. Well, come to think of it, we're too hopped up on Red Bull to squeeze in a nap, but recess would be nice. Good thing the World Adult Kickball Association is around to help us get out our after-work energy. (Hey, sitting at a computer all day is hard!) The Valley hosts four divisions ? AZ Cactus, AZ Scorch, AZ Valley and AZ Fire ? but as the oldest division in the Valley, AZ Fire gets our "best" vote for pioneering the magical combo of a ton of beer, a bunch of bored twentysomethings, and the easiest sport ever. So strap on your sneakers and get ready to play. And if you get picked last, think of it this way ? that's just more time to chug your brew.
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