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BEST BEAD STORE Phoenix 2007 - Scottsdale Bead Supply

Scottsdale Bead Supply

Scottsdale Bead Supply

3625 N. Marshall Way

Scottsdale, AZ 85251


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Beading is often shoved in the category of trite hodgepodge hobbies like needlepointing or quilting. But if you check out Scottsdale Bead Supply, the swankiest bead-pushing venue in the Valley, you may see the activity in a different light. The store takes beading out of Grandma's gnarled paws and elevates the hobby to a high-class and glamorous profession. With a newly remodeled building, the gorgeous space holds endless bins and walls covered with hanging beads that gleam in the window's natural light. Everything from glass to fine stones and etched metals can be picked through here. And if you don't know the difference between thread nippers and bead reamers, the store offers classes to get you up to speed. With an in-house gallery displaying beautifully crafted jewelry and a resident kitty napping amongst baskets of beads, the place can be a nice weekend pit stop for anyone — not just bead junkies.
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Abigail Randall
Abigail Randall

This store while very pretty is not the best bead store in town. This store has some severe limitations. For instance they only sell the bulk of their inventory of Swarovski crystals in very long strings - very expensive. Someone who maybe only needs 10 of a certain color is wasting their time going to this store. They do not carry plated findings. They have a very limited selection of beading wire. The natural stones are hung so high on the wall you cannot see the top row to even identify the stone. You want an overall store with a wider range of selection? Bead World on 16th Street. Not as elegant as Bead Supply but more down to earth and affordable.