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BEST BEER SELECTION Phoenix 2007 - Tops Liquor

Tops Liquor

Tops Liquor

403 W. University Drive

Tempe, AZ 85281


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From the outside, Tops looks like an ordinary neighborhood booze purveyor, but as soon as you take a stroll down the narrow aisles — where shelves are stocked high with a jaw-dropping variety of beers from around the world — you'll understand why beer connoisseurs can't resist this place.

First of all, the inventory is divided by regions and countries, so things are easy to find. The refrigerated section has a sizable selection of cold ones, and the list of kegs is impressive, too. And then there are the obscure brews — harder-to-find stuff like Dogfish Head 120-Minute IPA — that get the beer geeks riled up. But just because enthusiasts love Tops doesn't mean it's a pretentious place to buy brewski.

In truth, it's so laid-back here that the staff can seem indifferent at times, so you're on your own, buddy. Still, if you know what you're looking for (or are adventurous enough to take a chance on some unusual suds), Tops is the place to come.

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Strange choice indeed! I think Tops is very overrated. I frequent another store up the road from Tops called T's--in my view, they have everything Tops has--only cleaner, more organized, cheaper, and with better customer service. I think Sundevil, also owned by Tops, should have won the best beer selection instead, with T's being a close second.


strange choice. sun devil liquor is owned by the same people and, by their own lights, sun devil is better. more selection etc. also from a beer geeks perspective aj's in glendale (arrowhead ranch) is probably the best. most rare beer. best advice (jonpol). worth the hr drive every month for me.