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BEST BURGER Phoenix 2007 - The Orange Table - CLOSED

The Orange Table

The Orange Table

7373 E. Scottsdale Mall

Scottsdale, AZ 85251


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Most of the time, we can behave ourselves at restaurants, politely munching on an appetizer that we'd rather inhale, or discreetly digging into an entree that we feel like shoveling into our mouth. Not when it comes to burgers, though. When we get our hands around a good one, all attempts at civility fall by the wayside, and our primal instincts go into overdrive. Please forgive us if hot juices are dribbling down our chin when we sink our teeth into a thick, juicy beef patty — at times like that, we can't be bothered with a napkin, especially when it's The Orange Table's ridiculous Arrogant Bastard Rustler cheeseburger. That's right. They use a splash of our favorite craft brew, Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale, to simmer a half-pound of ground Angus, which they slather with mayo and barbecue sauce, then top with melted provolone, bacon, and veggies. As an extra bonus, they give you the nearly full bottle of brewski for just three bucks more. But one word of caution: don't order the beer before the burger, unless you're ready to drink another round. The squeaky-clean staff at Orange Table won't take your back-washed beer back to the kitchen once you've started drinking. You'll have to order a fresh one. Ah, the sacrifice . . .
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