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BEST DANCE FLOOR Phoenix 2007 - Glam

If you're big into the Valley party scene, after a while you start to feel like if you've been on one dance floor, you've been on every dance floor. It's all just very monotonous — the strangers spilling drinks on you, the same songs over and over. Not quite the case at Glam. Yeah, there's still plenty of drink-spilling, but it's not as irritating here because the dance floor lights up.

Yes, lights up, as seen in Saturday Night Fever — and your wildest dance floor dreams. We're not sure what it is, but something about the checkered floor flashing at us all night makes us want to dance, even when we hate the song. It makes us feel just a little, um, glamorous, while still allowing us to lurk around the dark corners of a dive bar. It certainly doesn't hurt that Glam (formerly Ky's Place) has spent the past several months building a pretty solid weekly lineup. So, the dance floor is usually packed, but not uncomfortably so, most nights of the week.

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The dance floor is awesome! And to whomever wrote the previous comment: only a few slot below the Best Dance Floor posting on the New Times List is Best Startender:Devon and where does this amazing bartender work? Glam! Girl you got it all wrong!! This place was designed for fun. Go to Old Town and pay double and enjoy their bathrooms!!


The dance floor is about all they have. The bartenders poor some nasty drinks. The bathroom is gross and you feel like you need a tetanus shot walking in this joint.