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BEST DOG PARK, TEMPE Phoenix 2007 - Tempe Sports Complex

Tempe Sports Complex

Tempe Sports Complex

8401 S. Hardy Drive

Tempe, AZ 85284


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Little old Tempe has five dog parks, which is more per human companion than we've found in any other Valley city. But the pick of the litter is the two-acre dog park at the Tempe Sports Complex near Hardy Drive and Warner Road.

It shouldn't be surprising that the biggest and best dog park is located on the side of Tempe that has the fewest residents — in swanky South Tempe, not the aptly named Sin City district near Arizona State University. We got lost trying to find it the first time, in part because the north-south Hardy Drive doesn't go through from Guadalupe to Elliot roads. The sports complex is so big, we were lost after we got there, too. We thought one of the fenced-in softball fields was the dog park until our old pooch started straining at her leash, pulling in the right direction.

Dogs will find plenty of room to roam here — and we usually sit on top of one of the picnic tables to avoid the slobbery, though friendly, snouts that come our way. The grass was in perfect shape in early June, and gravel areas break up the open space and give the mutts something else to explore. Gates also divide the park's middle, but they're always propped open, a couple with a floppy brown Lab told us. When we were there on a weeknight at about 8 p.m. (it's open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.), the place was full of flouncing Fidos and their owners. Rosy went home exhausted.

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This dog park is directly near a soccer field, and games are often played there, and many times dogs get overexcited, and the parking lot is very crowded. Its a good place to run for dogs.... But from personal experience there are many dumb people there. My amazing dog Levi whom is a German Shepherd mix was playing with a new Lab who was new there, the first day. Levi is great with dogs, but he was roughhousing a bit. The Lab was a bit scared, not used to being with so many dogs, her hackles raised. But eventually she was happily playing along with Levi. Then a ladies beautiful Pit Bull joined in the fun, and the lady of Pit Bull and the lady of the Lab worried when Levi started roughhousing. His tail was up and wagging, and his hackles were lowered, and he was relaxed as he played- Signs of a happy dog. The owner of the Pit Bull ran into the field and leashed her dog and another of her dogs that had just joined and pointed to him and called out: "Its this dog!" Every dog that was playing with Levi quickly were lead away from him, and poor Levi had no friends to play with. We had to leash him and leave after having a talk with the lady who said that he was 'a problem and was being aggressive.' Yah, my dog who was clearly NOT being aggressive was blamed for being aggressive... He has been blamed many other times, but this was the worst and we will no longer go there.


This Dog Park is awesome. The people are friendly and our dogs are very happy here. This dog park is 3-5 minutes away from our house and there's tons of parking!

This is "Hands Down" the best dog park in Tempe, AZ!

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