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BEST DOWNTOWN BREAKFAST Phoenix 2007 - Matt's Big Breakfast

Matt\'s Big Breakfast

Matt's Big Breakfast

825 N. 1st St.

Phoenix, AZ 85004


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Truth be told, we don't always take the time for the most important meal of the day. But when we need to gear up for a busy day at work, fortify ourselves for a road trip, or just cheer ourselves up with a sweet stack of griddlecakes, we head straight to Matt's Big Breakfast.

This tiny, sunny diner's a downtown icon, and not just because of its orange counters or sassy retro décor. Here, the coffee's always strong, the juice is straight-outta-the-orange, and the thick bacon strips — from The Pork Shop in Queen Creek — are the best we've ever had.

Whether we go with the salami scramble, a fluffy Belgian-style waffle, or a fat omelet stuffed with roasted red peppers and aged provolone, Matt's hearty eats gear us up to take on the world.

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I have eaten at Matt's Big Breakfast several times.This is with out a doubt the must go to in downtown.The food is always fresh and plentiful the bacon was thick and incredibly flavorful. I look forward to my morning trips to downtown just so I can visit the freindly staff and enjoy the best breakfast Phoenix has to offer.

Steve Geisler
Steve Geisler

If you haven't tried the Rueben at Matts you must. The problem is you will never order one anywhere else once you have had one at Matt's Big Breakfast.

Give it a try.