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The same scrubs behind the defunct Emerald Lounge are trying to make a go of it with their recent purchase of this downtown bar. It's a slippery game they're playing — trying to be all shadowy and underground and indie, without forcing it. Authenticity cannot be faked, but the Ruby Roomers must be doing something right because their club is starting to catch on with local bands and DJs. Every time we've been there, the place is riddled with local musicians, checking out their peers' work or showing their musician pals some support. With a crowd like that, we'll be keeping our eye on this spot for sure.
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showed up after work (midnight) on a Thursday night recently. Walked in to a DJ playing some underground Reggae - straight roots mon. Then the legend Johnny D came up on stage and played some funky old school tunes that got the retro mellow crowd jammin. Dgentrification came on next - great jams and a fun relaxed crowd - cool DARK red walls with paintings of nude girls ala 70's style - no draft beer - bummer but reasonable prices on the bottle beers - I will be back when my suburban strip mall chain drinkin' spots become too fucking generic for me - keep rollin ruby room - see you soon.Jeff from Tempe


Greg! Congratulations from the Monday night comedy nerds... we are proud to be involved with Ruby Room and wish you continued success!

This place is our favorite spot to get jizzled and play music... if anyone hasn't stopped by to check out a show and soak in some atmosphere, it's about damn time. If this place goes the way of the Em Lounge, we as a community will only have ourselves to blame - seriously.

And come see Male Pattern Radness and Ronnie D. host Downtown Phoenix's most subversive comedy show: The Remember Abraham Lincoln Comedy show - an evening of stand up, sketch, improv, and musical comedy every Monday night for FREE!

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