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BEST GREEK RESTAURANT Phoenix 2007 - GreekTown



8519 N. 7th St.

Phoenix, AZ 85020


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Okay, so it's perched on North Seventh Street instead of a rocky cliff by the Mediterranean, but this white-washed taverna is still a great place to find homestyle dishes just like gia gia used to make. We're not sure if there really is a staff of busy Greek grandmothers in the kitchen at GreekTown, although the food sure tastes like it was made from time-honored recipes. Traditional favorites like saganaki (flaming cheese), stuffed grape leaves, and marinated octopus make up the appetizer menu, while entrees run the gamut from Old Country staples like souvlaki and moussaka to more contemporary Greek-style dishes like veal sautéed with artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and white wine sauce. Add that to a friendly, festive atmosphere where wine flows at a Dionysian pace, and you'll be shouting "Opa!" before dessert rolls around. Just don't try throwing any plates.
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M. Rodgers
M. Rodgers

GreekTown is good. No doubt.

I also like, and recommend highly, Golden Greek on 35th Avenue, North of Glendale. Great Greek food, decent Italian (but who goes there for that?), and the best homemade pita bread I've ever tasted.

Fair prices, homey atmosphere, totally loyal patrons. Love it.



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