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BEST HEAD SHOP Phoenix 2007 - It's All Goodz

It\'s All Goodz

It's All Goodz

12308 N. 32nd St.

Phoenix, AZ 85032


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This unassuming little shop, tucked in a tiny strip mall behind an Exxon Mobil gas station, is still the best one-stop stoner shop in town. The coolest thing about It's All Goodz is the shop's custom-blown glass pipes and bongs, which are made on-site in a room with windowed walls where spectators can check out the craft. Some of the pieces themselves are like detailed works of art; the display case in the center of the store houses some of the higher-end pieces, which stand well over two feet tall each and feature the forms of everything from dolphins to mushrooms to naked women. And unlike many other head shops, where you have to hunt for a stylish, padded bag that'll fit your piece, It's All Goodz seems to have a fitting bag for every pipe they sell. The store also carries the usual assortment of rolling papers, posters, funky ash trays, and jewelry, and the prices are right (not too expensive, but not so cheap that you have to wonder if you're buying a piece of crap). The employees are always laid-back and friendly, never pushy or snobby, which makes shopping for kicks at It's All Goodz a no-pressure, no-stress experience.
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dank dude
dank dude

The hater that wrote that comment is way of base,probably works for some other shitty shop.The service is outstanding, they do services that no other shops would ever do for there customers such as repairs,who wants to repair a peace when they can sell you a new one?"'Its all goodz"There customs are awesome too!!!


This shop sucks. It may have good pipes but the dick head managing the store in Tempe is definitely not worth the stress. I had to hear him bitch for ten minutes before he even acknowledged me. I suggest going else where.


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