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BEST HOME AWAY FROM HOME Phoenix 2007 - Casey Moore's

Casey Moore\'s

Casey Moore's

850 S. Ash Ave.

Tempe, AZ 85281


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Casey's is an institution in downtown Tempe, in that you can count on it to be full of crazies any evening after 9 p.m.

But during the day, this old, allegedly haunted house is literally a living room for an assortment of characters (some who actually work there and, perhaps, some who work — or have worked — for this fine paper) who make the yahoos on Cheers seem like a bunch of strangers.

If retirees Sherman and Stormy don't show up, the bartenders are prone to calling to make sure they're still capable of walking. The joke goes, "Of course, Casey Moore's is haunted — Sherman and Stormy have been dead for 10 years."

But those two are the least of it. The place is home to a plethora of neighborhooders like Cigar Bob, Don across the street, local artist Rodgell, musician-about-town P.C., and more, who know one another and make like a virtual family despite an age range that spans at least 50 years. Come summer, when the students are mostly away, these are the folks who give the bar its character, and many of them spend more time at the bar than they do at home.

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To: Erik Axel , You..... looser, seem to be the one who needs to do something with yourself rather than taking offense to an article that was actually complimenting the bar. This article made no negative connotations to the neighborhooders. I have an idea, maybe you should try learning to punctuate idiot? Start there. That should keep you busy for a while.

Erik Axel
Erik Axel

by the way i am a son of one of the people that you called neighborhooders, and the funny thing is that everyone you have made fun of is more intelligent and has done far more with their lives than you will ever do you loser find somthing better to write about like possible somthing you have done owe wait you dont do anything but write like some broke loser whos girl cheats on them.