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BEST JEWELRY SUPPLY STORE Phoenix 2007 - Lonnie's Inc.

Lonnie\'s Inc.

Lonnie's Inc.

1436 N. 44th St.

Phoenix, AZ 85008


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So, we were looking for some "stuff" to make some "art," but we knew exactly nada about jewelry-making. Just for the heck of it, we waded into the Phoenix branch of this family-owned and operated store and tried to look pathetic.

It worked! A very friendly and knowledgeable lady sidled up to us, grilled us about what we had in mind, and then took over, telling us exactly what we could do for as little as $100. Sure enough, we walked out with all kinds of cool, mixed-media materials, and were even able to use them. The store also offers gift boxes, traveling cases and a variety of silver and gold chains, fairly priced. But what delighted us most was the service, which was worth its weight in gold.

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S�or Hal�
S�or Hal�

Dear Sirs,I would like to know, how many gramms are 16 inches of this chains?

Best regards, S�or HAL�ZAlex Art Design 13540 14KY Gold Bulk Rolo Chain 1.5mm $4.80/inch11372 14KY Gold Bulk Rolo Chain 1.6mm $6.10/inch11288 14K Gold Rectangle Link 2.2mm $6.60/inch6524 14K Gold Fine Cable Chain 1.5mm $3.80/inch13294 14K Gold Single Cable Chain 1.5mm $3.50/inch14972 14K Gold Figure 8 Chain 2.5mm $7.70/inch