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BEST KNITTING STORE Phoenix 2007 - Arizona Knitting and Needlepoint - CLOSED

Arizona Knitting and Needlepoint

Arizona Knitting and Needlepoint

3617 N. Goldwater Blvd.

Scottsdale, AZ 85259


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Like a favorite sweater, we can't resist this cozy, comfortable Scottsdale shop for all of our hand-knit needs. Sure, all knit shops have yarn, needles, and resources for various types of projects. But unravel these common threads and you'll find Arizona Knitting's true talents: customer service and knowledge woven into an environment that stresses community and comfort. Staffed by needle-wielding pros, and packed to the rafters with display pieces, this shop guarantees that you will find the perfect yarn for the perfect project. Weave in an abundant selection of commercial, imported, and handmade yarns, beautiful needles in every shape and size, and an up-to-date, complete book and pattern selection, and you've got an easy winner. Year after year, like a pattern repeat, Arizona Knitting and Needlepoint casts off any doubts that there is a finer knit shop in town.
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vera manuz
vera manuz

Tell what determines what is a good needlework shop. the merchandise they carry, the service they give, or what? I want to know what is the criteria. Because this store is not the best, they are not nice. How do you determine do you go check it out or what. I am very disappointed in who you have picked.