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BEST LATE-NIGHT BITE Phoenix 2007 - delux



3146 E. Camelback Road

Phoenix, AZ 85016


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Of course, everyone knows the PHX as the city that never sleeps. Er, at least 9-to-5, Monday through Friday. But, not unlike someone pulling the hair off an old hippie, we're improving our nighthawkishness, albeit one friggin' strand at a time. And the man you can thank for that is restaurateur Lenny Rosenberg, the guy who made sushi-'til-midnight the motto at Zen 32, which shares the same shopping center at the northwest corner of 32nd and Camelback as his other late-night bitery, delux. The open-'til-2 a.m. spot boasts a sleek, L.A. design, a gazillion beers on tap, hot servers of both sexes, and two of the best burgers in town, the Standard Classic and the delux burger. The former's a straight-up hunk of grilled, premium beef on a brioche bun, with lettuce, tomato and onions; and the latter's served on a demi-baguette, with a mix of Maytag blue and Gruy?re, and topped with caramelized onions and applewood-smoked bacon. Either way you go, a hopper of sweet-potato fries is recommended. Best of all, you can nosh 'em past midnight, with the sort of swank, good-lookin' crowd that'll make you think you died and woke up in Santa Monica.
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Only the suckers that live in this area of Delux would support this place. Total rip off and the atmosphere stinks!