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BEST LOCAL GIRL MAKES GOOD Phoenix 2007 - Jordin Sparks

We admit we were bowled over by 17-year-old Jordin Sparks from the moment she first performed on this perennial pop music fest, but we were so busy being crushed out on Melinda Doolittle that we forgot to root for our hometown girl.

That is, until Week 5, when Miss Thing stood there in an evening dress, belting out the most exciting version of "I (Who Have Nothing)" we've heard since Shirley Bassey made it famous a hundred years ago.

After that, it became clear that this statuesque home-schooled songbird was our fave — and she still is (in spite of that first single, "This Is My Now." Yikes!), even if we're not entirely convinced she's not actually a 34-year-old because, really, how can a Glendale teenager sing so beautifully and with this much style? One last question about our favorite songstress: Where's that debut album?!

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Melinda Doolittle The album�s first single, �It�s Your Love,� was released to radio stations nationwide in September. If you want more update come join us at


New update about Melinda album will be released in fall and more to come. new website to support Melinda. You very welcome to join us


Hi Melinda Doolittle will be at your city for the Dreyer's Ice cream tour. She did releases her song on I tunes my Funny Valentine also will released her first album on June of 2008. If you are big fans of her where you can have fresh news about her new career. She is amazing.


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