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BEST LOCAL MYSPACE FIND Phoenix 2007 - Disposable Hero

For a street graffiti artist, anonymity is of paramount importance. One might assume that to stay incognito, the visual vigilantes would avoid exposing Web sites like MySpace. Not so for Phoenix's Disposable Hero. The dude's art is everywhere and you've likely seen his anime-inspired panda posters, since they're stuck to almost every abandoned building in Phoenix and Tempe. This panda-pasting pirate is a marketing master, and embraces the exposure MySpace can provide while keeping us guessing about his true identity. With 7,000 friends from Phoenix to the UK, the page provides the perfect springboard for poking around to find local young artists and musicians and is great for sneaking peeks at the street art scene of other cities. That is, if you can gain access. The profile is so popular that the artist had to reset the profile view counter a couple of times and then go private to cut down on the hordes of friendship requests he received each day. And all this without even knowing who the guy is.
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Disposable Duech
Disposable Duech

Disposable Hero isnt a grafitti artist. He is a style biter! ahahahhaha, what are you thinkin! He doesnt even do anything in AZ, LA, SF right now hasnt laced a wheat paste in months he's too busy hiding from TAF crew!!! ahahhahah . wack!