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BEST LUNCHTIME ESCAPE Phoenix 2007 - The Farm Kitchen, at The Farm at South Mountain

The Farm Kitchen, at The Farm at South Mountain

The Farm Kitchen, at The Farm at South Mountain

6106 S. 32nd St.

Phoenix, AZ 85042


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Dorothy, we're not in Phoenix anymore. Or are we? Eating lunch at The Farm Kitchen sure feels like a foodie field trip to the countryside, but really, it isn't that far from downtown. Step through the rustic wooden gate, onto a flower-filled cobblestone patio, and you'll soon forget about highways and high-rises and the frantic city pace. Inside the little house on the premises, take your pick from a huge list of healthful lunch stuff, like gourmet sandwiches and salads, as well as wholesome, homemade cookies, pies, and cobblers. Then head outside to find a picnic table and sip a fresh-squeezed lemonade in the shade of leafy pecan trees. Yeah, you'll probably hear some birds chirping and bees buzzing as a butterfly lands on your table, and then you may really wonder whether you're dreaming all this up. At that point, feel free to pinch yourself.
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Kurt Robinson
Kurt Robinson

Yes indeed..."the Faaaaaarm Kitchen is the place for me! Farm eatin' is the lunch for me!" (remember the theme song from Green Acres? ha ha) went and did it, didn't you?! You exposed what I've told visitors and locals alike is a treasured oasis of mine that makes you forget you are in a modern city and back in the agricultural, rural past that once was south Phoenix. That's just the way I'd describe the for the FOOD! Fresh, delicious, perfectly compliments the setting among the pecan trees. Let me add that the SERVICE is friendly and fun with Mary, Gabby, Anna, Cindy and the crew at work preparing and serving some of the best food you'll find anywhere in the Valley at these prices. I always look forward to my next escape to the Farm Kitchen!