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Xtreme Bean

Xtreme Bean

1707 E. Southern Ave.

Tempe, AZ 85282


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Gold Bar? What's that? Oh, yeah, it was the beloved coffee shop that moved out of this former bank building a few years ago. We almost forgot — not because Gold Bar wasn't a great place for hanging out (still is — its new location is down the road at 3141 South McClintock Drive) but because Xtreme Bean was such a fine replacement.

We love the not-too-sweet iced mochas, the perky iced teas and the cappuccinos, which contain the proper ratio of milk foam to espresso. Food offerings are minimal, but we appreciate the more healthful choices they do, like the breakfast of nuts and strawberries.

The ambiance is as good as it gets for a Valley coffee shop. There's free wireless Internet access and plenty of electrical outlets. The place is airy with high ceilings, and natural light falls everywhere but the old bank vault, which is an excellent place to plug in a laptop and get to work. The main area is similar to a nice hotel lobby, and the shop is often crowded, even on weekdays, with groups of people engaged in brainstorming and solitary computer users working on their next unpublishable novel. If Xtreme Bean had beds and cable TV, we'd move in.

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What I don't get, is why write a "Best of" for the Bean and then write a piece about the Gold Bar. If you wanted to give your award to the Gold Bar, then give it to them. This was one of the most fucked up "Best of" I have ever read. WTF New Times writer? Maybe you should find out the real story about why the Gold Bar moved before you write about it. Maybe you should also tell readers that the guy who owned the Gold Bar sold tha place a month after he moved. Maybe you should tell readers that The Gold Bar has changed hands now several times sence it moved. Maybe you tell them all of this before you write a crap piece like this for a great coffee shop like the Xtreme Bean. Maybe, just maybe you should tell readers that they moved over 4 years ago. Hey New Times writer, get the fuck over it, move on and write another piece that is not as fucked up as this one. Go in and talk to Mike Wells (The owner of the Xtreme Bean) , like I have, he loves coffee. Mike has gone to classes and have worked veru hard with roasters to come up with his own roasting style. This guy workes his ass off and all you guys do is write a shit piece like this. No wonder he took your paper out of his shop, i would of too. Maybe you should go in and talk to the man, like men do, it would be the right thing to do.