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BEST NEW GALLERY, LOCAL ART Phoenix 2007 - Windup Gallery

Make all the jokes you want about Mesa, but do it fast because pretty soon, the place won't be so easy to poke fun at. Things are happening over in the East Valley and we're not talking about new strip malls or good fabric stores, either.

If you happen to cruise Mesa's main drag downtown, you may notice a local art scene that is kicking up and gaining a foothold with the recent opening of Windup Gallery. Owners Lindsay and Anthony Cresta have already showcased a knack for tapping into the local arts scene with their Summer "Homegrown AZ Artist Show" — all the coolest graffiti artists in town coughed up some kickass works. Not only was the art punchy and colorful, but the opening night was bumpin' with scenesters from all over the Valley. Windup has gotta be doing something right if we're willing to haul our cookies to Mesa on a Saturday night.

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Tara Stowers
Tara Stowers

Anthony is my brother in law. I helped forge his resume and hired him as a manager at Citifinancial in July 2006. He didnt have the credentials to be a manager and unfortunately I bypassed more qualified individuals.I hired him because he was family and my sister Lindsey, his wife, recently had a baby and arrived from New York without a job. Anthony was a washed out ad man for the New York TImes. Shortly after it was discovered and Anthony was fired. I had to resign. The gallery has gone out of business. Anthony mismanaged his clients art when the gallery was opeh and numerous law suits and judgments against him have prevailed. I feel sorry for my sister Lindsey.