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BEST NEW MUSIC SERIES Phoenix 2007 - Mesa Arts Center's Sound in the Ground

Mesa Arts Center\'s Sound in the Ground

Mesa Arts Center's Sound in the Ground

1 E. Main St.

Mesa, AZ 85211


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It takes more than a glitzy exterior for a venue to be fly. It's what's inside that counts. That's why the stunning Mesa Arts Center, arguably one of the most stylish arts spots in the Southwest, places a premium on programming happening events like Sound in the Ground. The bimonthly Thursday-evening series plugs the opening of exhibits in the Mesa Contemporary Arts galleries by bringing in local musical acts that represent the displayed shows. Because the art lives on the edgier side, the musicians — ranging from high-energy rock/funk group Attack of the Giant Squid to Terminal 11's electronica freak-out — are geared toward the experimental and improvisational. The larger ensembles perform outside on the spacious courtyard while eclectic DJs entertain folks queuing at the wine and beer cash bar inside. That old racket about Mesa shutting down after sunset just isn't true when SinG is in full effect, cuz the party goes off 'til midnight.
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Liza Rhima
Liza Rhima

Sound in the Ground is definitely the best music series in Phoenix. The music is always fresh, the art is mind opening, the venue is divine and the food is always yummy!


Glad to see Mesa, and specifically the Mesa Arts Center, is getting the recognition it deserves. Sound in the Ground is the place to be. Thanks to Susan for making it the award-winning party that it is!!


Thank you for voting Sound in the Ground Best New Music Series. They\'re actually not bimonthly. We\'re only doing four this year (please don\'t take away the award; we\'re still a series and we still rawwwk (well, we don\'t actually rawwwk but we\'re pretty cool)). Next one is Oct 11 starting promptly at 8pm. Secret surprise is a singing possum. CU here? Love, Susan


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