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BEST PLACE FOR HOMESICK CHICAGOANS Phoenix 2007 - Luke's of Chicago

Luke\'s of Chicago

Luke's of Chicago

1602 E. Indian School Road

Phoenix, AZ 85014


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Let's face it: You won't be fooled into thinking you're back in Chicago just from the looks of Luke's. Sure, there's plenty of nostalgia in the place, from the panorama photo of the downtown skyline on the back wall to the old bus stop signs and pictures of Windy City sports heroes hung behind the counter. But just outside the window, the intersection of 16th Street and Indian School would be hard to mistake for the Magnificent Mile. As for the menu, though, it's the real deal — just close your eyes and taste. And stopping by this no-frills shop is definitely an easier (and cheaper) way to satisfy a craving than hopping a flight to O'Hare. Hefty subs, fat meatball sandwiches, juicy bratwurst and Italian sausages are just a few of the highlights. Luke's does a great Chicago-style hot dog (get "The Works," a sloppy delight with ketchup, mustard, onions, tomatoes, hot peppers, pickles, green peppers, and celery salt), and their Italian beef has a cult following. Stuffed into a huge sub roll soaked with beefy juices, and topped with plump, sweet peppers and melted provolone cheese, the thinly sliced meat is tender, full of flavor, and totally irresistible — even if you're not a Chicago native.
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I visited Luke's today for an italian beef. I was not happy with the food at all... First of all Im from Chicago. Born and raise in the SW suburbs ( naperville). I have eaten Lukes and Maxwell st food for years. This Luke of Chicago that is here in Scottsdale is a an expensive ripp off!! The beef was dry and not seasoned and my bread was way to soggy and the fries was nasty. Very greasy! Mc Donald's has better fries than them. And looking at the menu , when has Maxwell st polish dogs ever had sweet peppers??? Im sorry , YOU CAN FOOL THE ARIZONIANS BUT NOT A TRUE CHICAGOIAN! i WILL NEVER COME BACK OR REFER ANYONE TO THIS PLACE! IT IS AN EMBARRASMENT TO SAY THAT THEY HAVE THE SAME RECIPE AND STYLE AS CHICAGO DOES... PHOENIX HAS BEEN ONE BIGGGGG DISAPPOINTMENT WHEN IT COMES TO RESTURANTS AND FOODS. PHOENIX DOES NOT COMPARE TO CHICAGO OR NEW YORK AT ALL!!!

Italian Beef Made Me Fat...
Italian Beef Made Me Fat...

Luke's opened an outpost in N.E. Scottsdale...Across from WalMart in the shopping area @101 and FL Wright. Thanks I can have the amazing sandwich and perfect fries every week...I'll likely die before I'm 50 but I'll die happy.