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BEST PLACE TO FIX YOUR KICKS Phoenix 2007 - Tony's Shoe Repair

Tony\'s Shoe Repair

Tony's Shoe Repair

3110 N. Central Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85012


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You've skipped your daily dose of Starbucks for a month to buy those half-off Guccis you've been eyeing, only to snap a heel on the first wearing. Never fear; Tony's Shoe Repair will fix your heels faster than you can say "Manolo." Fixing kicks in the Valley since 1940, Tony's Shoe Repair is the insider fashion secret that keeps last year's Prada looking like this year's fashion must-have. With locations in Park Central and Christown Spectrum malls and Old Town Scottsdale, Tony's can rework a heel, a sole, a sneaker, a boot, and everything in between, with same-day service if you're lucky. Don't throw away those sad, one-heeled Guccis; bring them to Tony's. Your high-heel emergency will be our little secret.
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Aww, c'mon Heidi! Kelly green and white compliment each other nicely. If you don't want the bag I will take it, send it back to Tony, and hang it on my wall.


Are you jokin'? I brought in a kelly green bag that had brown stitching, it needed repair and he used WHITE thread to sew it up!