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The Black and Tan has been the subject of much secrecy and speculation over the past couple of years. The joint is an underground speakeasy of sorts, which is a nice way of saying it's not an official venue and that it doesn't have a liquor license (and, rumor has it, it's perpetually closing). Since we've already been falsely accused of "outing" the place in a recent Best of Phoenix issue (note: we have never disclosed anything about the club's location or who runs it, and in fact, we don't know the latter), we're not going to get into details. Let's just say you have to be "in the know" to go. But if and when you do go, drop some cash on the bar, because it'll be the best bang for your booze buck in the city. If you order a Vodka/Red Bull at the B&T, you get a plastic cup that's about 90 percent vodka and a couple drops of Red Bull — a swine steal at $3. A straight-up Red Bull costs only a buck. Anything with alcohol is going to be made to lay you out here, and considering that we often have to order doubles at legit establishments just to get a buzz going, we'd be boozing at the B&T every night if we could.
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Blackened and Tanned
Blackened and Tanned

Right On! Once again the Black & Tan Recording Studio has been recognized for its excelent private parties. It is always amazing to see how many freak out over a \'secret\' venue that can easily be found in the phonebook or on Google. Since the B&T is focused on the Music and Art, the people that run it have never felt the need to flaunt who they are. As the New Times have stated over and over again, they aren\'t sure who those people are, how can they say that the B&T has complained about being \'outed\' when the only negative comments have been posted by \'friends\' of the B&T who want to keep a underground gem, just that, underground. I\'m sure that if the B&T every received a plaque for any of the 3 Best Ofs they\'ve \'won\', they would proudly put them on the wall next to all the local artist\'s paintings. I guess complaining about the B&T while praising them at the same time has helped get a few issues off the racks over the years. I do have to say that this recognation is well earned, they make one hell of a good drink.