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BEST PLACE TO GET YOUR BEAR STUFFED Phoenix 2007 - A-Z Seivers Mountain Valley Taxidermy

A-Z Seivers Mountain Valley Taxidermy

A-Z Seivers Mountain Valley Taxidermy

15619 N. Cave Creek Road

Phoenix, AZ 85032


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Pardon the pun, but animals of all shapes and sizes are just dying to get into Frank Jimenez's taxidermy shop. Whether it's recently departed desert fauna like javelinas, wildcats, and mountain goats; or such inanimate African animals as rhinos, giraffes, or zebras; the tanned and treated pelts of all of these recently deceased beasts have been skillfully stuffed and mounted with an eye toward quality by the 49-year-old and his five-member crew of taxidermists, which includes his 23-year-old son, Frank Jr.

This north Phoenix skin-schlepping emporium, which has operated at various Valley locations since the late '40s, has also transformed many a member of the family Ursidae into lifelike trophies over the years, including grizzlies, brown bears, and Kodiaks.

One example of their artistry was a particularly fearsome-looking Arizona black bear that became a terrifying hunter's trophy placed on a makeshift rock setting. It's so lifelike we're a little scared it could come back alive at any moment and take a swipe at us like some psychotic version of Gentle Ben.

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