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This station says its programming is "positive and encouraging," and its goal is to "spread the Gospel" through mass media. This is some gospel we can get into. The Christian frequency's programming is packed with an eye toward reverence and redemption — news and weather broadcasts include coverage of things like Arizona church kids participating in the International Folk Dance Festival and the controversy surrounding that Jesus tomb film. And the music is all Christian contemporary, from more traditional-sounding tunes like Lincoln Brewster's "Everlasting God" and Bebo Norman's "I Will Lift My Eyes" to songs by edgier, newer artists like Rush Of Fools and Newsboys.

The station also has a "ministry staff," which fields and airs "Prayer Requests" from listeners. DJs like Jon and Sherry Rivers (who host the station's weekday morning show) keep things entertaining with their earnest observations and clean wit.

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Mark Trueblood
Mark Trueblood

Your signal is interfering with 89.1 KUAZ in Tucson as I travel down State Route 83 in my car. MayI suggest that you re-tune your antenna to move your side lobe away from State Route 83, please?A radio station in Phoenix over 200 miles away should not interfere with a local Tucson radiostation. If I continue to hear this interference, I will report it to the FCC.


Yay religious stations!


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